chrisdone in News:

Glad I got to play this while 700 people were on it, I think that really made for some great interactions. It felt like being part of some kind of military team.

tokenizerrr in News:

It’s great, the second time I played it I started drawing arrows at incorrect exits at the one level where you have to pick the correct one or be sent back.

z-e-r-o in News:

After playing the game and reading this, I’ve realised that drawing cursors must have been an amazing experience.

Eiriksmal in News:

You, sir, have crafted a beautiful, wonderful experience. I was playing with ~700 people, a figure that jumped to nearly 900 before I turned back to doing real work for the day.

xnxn in News:

I started playing this while some code was compiling and ended up getting completely sucked in.

That giddy thrill of enabling a restless mass of fellow cursors to rush through a gate, or the temporary, unspoken bond between the lone cursor selflessly manning a button and the new arrival sidling up to them to see if they want to change shifts… there’s a lot going on in this seemingly simple game. I’m glad I got to play while it’s at critical mass.

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